Ryan Murphy Has An Idea For A New ‘Glee’

Ryan Murphy Has An Idea For A New ‘Glee’
Ryan Murphy Has An Idea For A New ‘Glee’

+ ‘Glee’ is one of those series that marks an entire generation. The problems of a group of dysfunctional teenagers just looking to fit in was one of the surprises of 2009, and it stayed in the air for 6 seasons.

Despite the ‘curse’ weighing on the cast members, ‘Glee’ is a series that has remained fresh through all these years, and whose legion of fans continues to remember her to this day.

Thanks to her, its creator Ryan Murphy exploited creatively and many of his best works have come after the popular series.

In a post on his Instagram profile, Murphy has wanted to remember the series and even seems to have left the door open for a possible return of ‘Glee’, giving us the synopsis of a possible pilot episode.

Ryan Murphy Has An Idea For A New ‘Glee’
Ryan Murphy Has An Idea For A New ‘Glee’

“Imagine that it is 2009 and that I live in a world where I know Lea Michele, Ben Platt, and Beanie Feldstein (Ben and Beanin, I think they were in high school at that time and I think they dressed up as ‘Glee’ characters Once for Halloween?)

If I had access to that talent, this would be the new pilot: Lea and Ben are aminemigos who continually fight for the heart and soul of the Glee Club.

Ben is also on the soccer team and goes to bed She is practically the whole school, and she is the heartbreaker of McKinley High School.

Beanie is their mutual friend. Suddenly, Beanie joins forces with Sue Sylvester, joins the Glee Club, and becomes the main soloist and ruthless star of the club. Lea and Ben then have to join forces to dethrone her.

I WANT TO ROLL AND REMOVE THIS PILOT. Maybe I will? “Is Ryan Murphy dropping us with this post who is thinking of going back to the Glee universe?


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