Rylan and fellow Big Brother stars share support for Nikki Grahame as friends fundraise for anorexia treatment

Courtesy: Daily Mail

Nikki Grahame as previously reported going through a great battle with anorexia which recently turned to harm the body internally more severely. Seeing this former Big Brother housemates Pete Bennett and Glyn Wise along with Rylan Clark-Neal have shown their support by sharing a page created to collect fund for her treatment. 

This page was created by her friends taking her permission when Nikki official confirmed her lifelong battle with the eating disorder. Her friends decided to create a donation page naming it as a GoFundMe page as a concern seeing her current condition. 

If you are ready to donate something even a small amount that could help in her treatment then, here’s the link to the website- DONATE HERE

Note- The donation page created has some of Nikki images which might upset you or trigger you hard.

What’s Written on the Page? 

The donation page starts with explaining Nikki’s current situation and why she need the fund to raise to a set target so quickly. The page says how her family and some of her friends tried so hard to help Nikki get out of this for the past few years. 

They put all that they have through NHS but unfortunately, the previous treatment failed and resulted in exhausting all that they were having. This is the last hope Nikki is having for the perfect treatment she is in need of. The website mention that “This is now our last hope.”

A high raise fund is needed for a perfect treatment in a specialist clinic because it’s the only option left. Everyone connected to her in any way is now praying for her health to get better as quick as possible and make her so strong to kick this illness.

Courtesy: Daily Mail

Currently, the basic method of treatment for Nikki’s eating disorder which she is been getting from the NHS is now not at all working. This made the situation stand on a spot from where they have to look for expensive treatment for a better result. The expensive treatment which Nikki need costs £25,000 per month and this is something which is very high. 

Fortunately, till now the collection figure touched the mark of £45000 to £50000, and now a bit more is required. We hope after this read you will surely donate if not big but at least a small to help her get out of this.


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