Samantar Season 2

Samantar Season 2
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About Samantar Season 2

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Samantar is an Indian drama series. The suspense and mystery genres are widespread in the series. Suhas Shirwalkar’s book inspires this series. Samantar is a later dubbed original Marathi series in Hindi, Telegu, and Tamil. The range is available exclusively on MX Player.

Last year in March, the first season of the series came out as a significant success. The unique and exciting story, script and performance fascinated the audience, thanks to its lockout, which contributed significantly to their success.

Samantar is only released for one season until now. The audience eagerly anticipates the second one after the success of the first season. The good news is that Samantar’s second season is underway. Review the article for more information on the second season.

About Samantar Season 1

What would you do if you discovered that someone else had the same fate just like yours? Your future seems to be the history of this other guy. Interesting right! Isn’t it alluring? This is the biggest complot of the first season of Samantar.

A total of 9 episodes were released in the first season of the MX Player on 13 March 2020. The storey focuses on whether Mahajan is able to control his circumstances today and in the future.

Samantar Season 2
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Samantar Season 1 Plot Details

The main character of the storey is Kumar Mahajan. Kumar is a middle class lower class man struggling to meet his families’ needs. From his work, he was shot. Besides, his life has gone almost entirely wrong.

He is a non-believer and an atheist. Kumar is against God or divine ideas of any kind. Even he has nothing like chance, destiny, or palm-reading to believe. Kumar undergoes both a financial crash and one of the most challenging times of his life.

In his view, one of the friends of Kumar arranges for Swami, an astrologer, to visit him. Kumar, Swami’s first reticent visits. The astrologer tells him he’s read his hand already before one time.

Then Swami has another man named Sudharshan Chakrapani recalled. The same fate as Kumar was shared by Sudharshans. This meant that the future of Kumar was already the past of Sudharshan.

Kumar begins a search for Sudharashan to learn more about his life after hearing this. Before he reaches the final episodes of the season, he takes several attempts. Sudharshan gives him a book about the journey and instructs him to read his future one page a day.

Kumar claims this will help him to deal with the problems of his life. Kumar reads this book in the very last episode and finds that a woman is now going to enter her life and destroy his marriage.

Season one came to an end on this note and made the audience engaged and engrossed in what will season 2 bring to the story. This is what excites the audience and makes them eager to get all the details about season 2.

Samantar Season 2
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Samantar Season 2 Release Date Information

It is planned that in mid-2021, the second Samantar season will premiere. In addition, neither MX Player nor officials confirmed the release date. In July 2020, the second season reactivation of the show was announced.

Development began in July of last year for this purpose. If all goes well, I hope that Samantar Season 2 will be out within the next two months. Let’s wait for the officials’ confirmation. Samantar’s second season should have the same cast as the first.

The Swapnil Joshi plays Kumar Mahajan, and the Sudharshan Chakarapani, the Nitish Bhardwaj, and the Tejaswini Pandit play Kumar’s wife, the Nirma Mahajan. In addition, the next season will undoubtedly feature new characters.

Samantar’s first season was made by Kartik D Nishandar and Arjun Singh Baran. The producer of the series is Satish Rajwade.

What Can happen in Samantar Season 2?

The last season ended with a cliffhanger, so viewers wondered what Kumar was doing and next. Will, the woman, succeed in ruining his wife’s marriage, or will she find a way out beforehand? In addition, Kumar will learn about his life from the book and whether he will manage them. Other instances. In the following season, this is something you can hope and expect.

Samantar Season 1 Cast Details

  • Swapnil Joshi is Kumar Mahajan
  • Tejaswini Pandit is Nima Mahajan
  • Nitish Bharadwaj is Sudarshan Chakrapani
  • Ganesh Revdekar is Sharad Wafgaonkar
  • Jayant Sawarkar is Swami
  • Nitin Bodhare is Hanmya
  • Amrut Gaikwad is Sanju, Kumar’s Son
  • Nana Joshi is Ganga Prasad Old Man
  • Amit Chakravarty is Karanjia-Kumar Boss
  • Vikas Hande is Kumar’s Father
  • Sayali Jadhav is Archana, Kumar’s Sister
  • Sanjot Jamdagni is Alka-Karanjia wife
  • Gandhar Kharpudikar is Kumar’s Brother
  • Ajayasi Mehra is Shah -Kumar Boss
  • Mukund More is Ganga Prasad Watchman
  • Arush Nand is Young Kumar Mahajan
  • Leena Pandit is Kumar’s Mother
  • Deepika Parker is Bribe Man
  • Yash Rane is Small Sudarshan Chakrapani
  • Archana Raval is Sahastrabuddhe Daughter in law
  • Bhavneet Sabharwal is Sardar Ji

Samantar Season 2 Interesting Facts

Samantar Season 2
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In various television shows, both Nitish Bhardwaj and Swapnil Joshi showed the character of Lord Krishna! In B.R. Chopras Mahabharat (1988), Nitish has played the role while Swapnil played on the Shri Krishna of Ramand Sagar (1993).

The producer and lead actor (Swapnil Joshi) worked along with a super-hit Marathi Franchise Mumbai-Pune-Mumbai.

Nitish Bhardwaj portrays Sudarshan Chakrapani Character, one of Lord Krishna’s many names and has obviously been lord Krishna in the famous Mahabharata TV series!

Kumar Mahajan is bound to do the same in the sequence of what Sudarshan Chakrapani did in life. Nitish Bharadwaj was Krishna’s role, which Swapnil Joshi later portrayed.

These are all the details for the second season so that our audience knows what to expect and are already interested in watching it. We do not have many options but to wait and watch what and when the series can be accessible.




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