Samara Weaving, former Home & Away star, is all set for her next movie role.


The upcoming movie Chevalier de Saint-Georges Home & Away’s Samara Weaving will perform a real-life opera icon.

The play directed by Stephen Williams (The Lost), in his climb to the top echelons of Marie Antoinette’s society in Paris, orbited Joseph Bologne, also known as the ‘Chevalier de Saint-Georges’ and the “Black Mozart.”

Mudbound star Kelvin Harrison Jr comes on board to play Joseph Jr himself, who was an ill-legitimate son of a plantation owner and a slave. His popular music and opera allowed him to ascend the levels of society until a court scandal destroyed everything.

Source : shadowandact

In the meantime, step into Marie Josephine’s shoes. She is a lady who “transforms her husband into the voice of Bologne’s opera and strives for artistic fulfilment beyond their empty and lovely marriage.”

Stefani Robinson was the author of Chevalier de Saint-Georges. The news only comes a few days after Weaving announced her major comic part in restoring the French blockbuster The Valet.

The actress will perform together with Max Greenfield of New Girls, Dora and Eugenio Derbez of the Lost City of Gold, Ravi Patel of Wonder Women of 1984, Marisol Nichols of Riverdale, Brandt of Bade Badesy, Amaury Nolasco of Prison Break.



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