Santa Clarita Diet Season 4 All Leaks & News About Airing, Cast, Storyline, And Performance So far!


Fans of Santa Clarita Diet will be disappointed as Drew Barrymore’s passion project will not return on Netflix with season four. Season three has concluded with many open questions. The channel has confirmed that there will be no season four for streaming. No reason or clarity has been shared by Netflix to state why there will be no season four. 

The series was first streamed on Netflix in 2017 followed by 2018 and 2019 as season one, two, and three respectively with a total of twenty episodes and thirty minutes screen timing. A horror comedy Santa Clarita Diet created by Victor Fresco is a story of realtor couple Sheila and Joel Hammond. 

They have an ordinary life like any other couple until Sheila goes through a life-changing event of her becoming a Zombie and taking them to the highway of death and damage. It is interesting to watch Sheila whose heart stops beating but otherwise she is alive and this state being denoted as undead.

Santa Clarita Diet Season 4 All Leaks & News About Airing, Cast, Storyline, And Performance So far!

 This happens when Sheila eats infected clams and now she has no pain. She can now only be killed by destroying her brain. How the couple deals with it and how Sheila turns everyone around her into undead becoming bold and unapologetic.

 As the show moves ahead we see a much mature Sheila with her urges getting uncontrolled. Irrespective of what her state becomes her family stands beside her in all circumstances. Joel her husband tries to cover everything she commits while on a murder fling as he loves his wife no matter what her mental and physical state is. The series beautifully shows the marriage bond bringing out best in each other.

The series had done well as a horror-comedy show with an interesting and new storyline and plots. It was liked by fans and no doubt they are disappointed now with the show not returning with season four on Netflix. Everyone will be delighted if we get a season four as all unanswered questions will find answers.

Well as of now we have this much to share. We shall get back to you with updates and new interesting events if they happen. 

Hoping we all get to see a season four soon.


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