Sarah Harding from Girls Aloud says that the Coronation Street stint was “a real tough gig” for her

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About her stint in Coronation Street, Sarah Harding opened up about it. The singer appears as Robert Preston’s wife Joni from Girls Aloud on the ITV soap in 2015 and then tells why her short time was a over there was a “real hard show.”

Sarah said in her new book Hear Me Out: “This is such an iconic show, it is such an institution, and it is difficult to move into your trajectory when you are a short-term character.”

“It was a tough concert for me because I was playing a part, not one million miles from the actual me. It was so difficult.”

“You might imagine that it would be easy to do, but I think I’d found it easier to play someone opposite me.”

She further added to her statement, saying, “Even if I’d had a different-coloured hair or a foreign accent, I’d have settled into it more. Corrie is shot at a swift pace, and they threw me in at the deep end. My very first day on set was pretty much all screaming, crying and slapping. Still, I enjoyed working with Kate Ford, who played Tracy; she’s a lovely girl, and we ended up having a proper giggle together.”

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The winner of Celebrity Big Brother appeared during four episodes of the soap and was head over heels with Tracy Barlow while finding her on-screen husband.

“It’s funny. I had dialogue pages to learn for a scene on the back of the car back when I made my Bad Day film, and I was all right about that.”

Nevertheless, in The Kabin, my knees turned to jelly following two or three verses, with the famous Rita Sullivan. “

Recently Sarah learned her progressive breast cancer diagnosis and hoped the publication of her book would help people discover the symptoms of cancer.


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