Sarah Harding has something to say for Celebrity Big Brother!!

Courtesy: Yahoo News India

We all know Sarah after the Girls Aloud star and she has recently shared about the time on Celebrity Big Brother. We are talking about the reality show Celebrity Big Brother in which Sarah participated in 2017 and won the reality show. She has written an autobiography in which she has mentioned that about how the reality show was for her.

Sarah says it was a disaster!!

In her autobiography, she has stated that it was a disaster for her. She also mentioned some reasons for why she is saying her time in Celebrity Big Brother so. She started saying with the thought she had before signing the show. As we all know that Celebrity Big Brother is a famous reality show and for this reason, Sarah thought that it would be a good platform for her. Before this show, she was somehow showcased negatively among audiences, and from this show, she had a hope to get the positivity back.

Sarah has written that it was known to her that there will be some tricky characters and she didn’t care about them because her goal was to prove to everyone, including her, that she can do it. Sarah was portrayed as a mad party girl by the media, which is also mentioned in her autobiography. 

When asked the main reason for agreeing to the show, she said that she wanted to enjoy the experience where everything will be new for her. She also said that fame was not the thing she was looking for from the show. Sarah wanted to enjoy to the fullest so that audience can see the real Sarah Harding. 

But, she still thinks that all these things didn’t work out for her as they haven’t changed the audience’s perception. Also winning the reality show was an achievement for her and she also entered into a relationship.

Courtesy: Yahoo News India

Recently, Sarah was diagnosed with breast cancer and her wish is that the autobiography helps other people to spot it. 

Hear Me Out!!

The autobiography we are talking about is Hear Me Out which has already been released on 18th March. It is available from many retailers and online sites. Do give the autobiography a chance to read as it might be inspiring. Also, leave your reviews on it for others. Stay tuned with us and follow the space for more updates.


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