Sarah Harding opens up on sepsis battle during cancer diagnosis

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If you are fond of English songs, then you must have heard the name of Sarah Harding, one of the popular singers who gave life to songs like “Make It Easy” and “Love Is the Key”.

Sarah is the winner of “The Girls Aloud” but this time she is losing the game of life one after another. You may be worried about what happened. 

What happened to Sarah Harding?

In an interview, Sarah has recently announced that she is suffering from cancer, sepsis and doctors has told to get herself into medical coma for two weeks. 

How this happened?

According to Sarah, one day when she woke up, she was feeling a little bit unwell. And after checking in mirror, she felt some lumps on her breasts. This all happened during pandemic. and that was the time Sarah realised that something wrong was going to happen.

What happened when the news was confirmed?

Sarah told, “When medical team told me that I am suffering from breast cancer, you all can’t even consider how I was feeling that moment. Oncologists made everything to make me feel better.”

Sarah’s experience at hospital:

“When I had to spend my nights at hospital, crying but thankfully there were nurses. They were very amazing human being. Their deeds made me believe that some people don’t exactly work for money.”

How is Sarah now?

Sarah is all OK now but because of mastectomy, her breasts have been removed without any chance of growing back. Sarah said that it is not always possible for her to look into mirror. 

Sarah revealed that she is experiencing tumour near her brain too. She is not in the mood to take up radiotherapy and lose har.

Hear me Out!

Courtesy: Whatsontv

On 18th March 2021, Sarah Harding is going to release her autobiography “Hear Me Out”. She will explain her journey from the beginning and will contain the potential signs of cancer one should never ignore.

Here is the playlist of all hit songs of eminent singer which you must download and hear it out- 

And stay tuned for more updates.


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