Sarah Silverman, Mark Ruffalo among celebs getting bare for casting a ballot PSA


A small bunch of Hollywood stars — including Mark Ruffalo and Sarah Silverman — got exposed for another PSA encouraging Americans to adhere to guidelines when casting a ballot via mail to guarantee their voting form tallies. 

“In the event that you don’t do precisely as I let you know, at that point, your voting form could get tossed out,” Silverman says, a hand covering each bosom, in the video delivered Wednesday by fair association RepresentUs. 

The au naturel celebs remind citizens what shading pen to utilize and how to stuff their polling form into the envelope. 

They likewise suitably address supposed bare polling forms, which required electors in 16 states to embed their mail-in voting forms into two separate envelopes so as to be checked. 

“Bare voting forms — you don’t need one of those!” comic Chelsea Handler shouts. 

Different stars showing up incorporate Amy Schumer, Naomi Campbell, Josh Gad, and Tiffany Haddish. 

While the celebs declare that they’re exposing everything, the clasp doesn’t show any R-evaluated material: watchers just observe the men from mid-chest and up, and the majority of the women are shot from the shoulders up. 

Ruffalo summarizes the cringe cut best during his appearance. 

“I recognize what you’re thinking,” he states, “you’re thinking, Ruffalo, put your garments on.”


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