Saturday Night Live: Why People Hate Jim Carrey’s, Joe Biden


For some viewers, Jim Carrey as Joe Biden was a hit, but for some, it was not. The live audience on the set of Saturday Night Live enjoyed his performance but some sources reveal that his portrayal of Biden was a failed attempt and inaccurate to entertain the viewers. Some are even saying that the show failed to make the most of the actor’s comedic talents.

Critics and viewers give negative reviews to Jim Carrey’s performance in SNL

Some viewers are not happy with Jim Carrey’s performance as Joe Biden on Saturday Night Live. They believe that his impersonation did not hit the mark. And a lot of viewers were disappointed with the show because they have seen Carrey’s previous comedy films like Pet Detection, The Mask, as well as Bruce Almighty.

After the viewers expressed their points, the Saturday Night Live show gained a lot of headlines. Most of the news stated its decision to hire a comedy legend and accomplished movie star, Carrey to play the character of the Democratic nominee. But it seems like it did not work out for the show, and fans were expecting a lot from the debut season.

The main thing is that Carrey’s role as Biden became more controversial even before he appeared on Saturday Night Live. Some of the pop culture writers and fans argued about his role as Biden. They said that such a plum gig would be better if a regular cast member had performed the role. It would also be best if the role was given to alumni. 

The show would have earned more positive reviews and worked well for the fans and the critics. As we all know, Carrey isn’t the first performer to play as Biden. Before him, Jason Sudeikis already portrayed Biden and gained positive reviews for his performance. Earning such reviews from the viewers did not stop Saturday Night Live creator Lorne Michaels.

He defended hiring Carrey in the public comments. Furthermore, he also talked about Carrey’s towering comedic legacy. Additionally, he also pointed to the actor’s political viewpoints. And he concluded that Jim Carrey was the right fit for playing as Biden. But so far, that hasn’t proven the case for some viewers.

Final Words

One part some of the politicians and viewers hated the most wherein the third episode of SNL’s season 46, Carrey made guns with his finger, which a Democratic nominee never uses. And to some viewers, the overall sketch was neither entertaining nor informative. After the debut, the reaction was swift, and critics and viewers did not hold themselves back from giving their views.

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