Save Money at Home Seven Unique Ways

Save Money at Home Seven Unique Ways
Save Money at Home Seven Unique Ways

Save money doesn’t have to be a drag. In fact, in a lot of cases it can be fun. List here, are 7 money saving tips that you can use at home, to keep more of your hard earn money for yourself and your family. Enjoy.

Save Money  Tip 1:

Cut open containers: Toothpaste containers and shampoo containers which appear empty can still be us if you cut open the containers. You can then use these containers (especially the shampoo to store stuff). A trick learnt from our University days.

Tip 2:

Reuse your take away containers: Take away containers can be reus for almost anything. If you are using them to reheat food make sure they are microwave safe.


Tip 3:

Make pasta sauce in bulk with friends: Get your friends together. Buy some tomatoes in bulk (huge savings) add some sugar, basil, salt etc. (Whatever else you want to use in the sauce). Thoroughly clean and boil some jars and get cooking. You will save around $2 per bottle.

Save Money  Tip 4:

Brew your own beer and wine: If you enjoy a few drinks. A week then you should consider brewing your own. You will learn some great skills, have fun doing it. And save some money in the long run. Get your friends together, make it in bulk, and you stand to save even more money. You will save between 5 and 10 dollars a month. The strength you can brew will mean you don’t ne to produce a huge quantity.

Save Money  Tip 5:

Make larger portions and freeze them: Making large portions and freezing them helps you to create healthy and cheap convenience meals. If you double the amount of food you ne twice a week you stand to save yourself around $20 a month.

Tip 6:

Have a garage sale: You get to make money off things you don’t ne any more. You also have the feeling of your house been less clutter. You’ll be surpris how much better you feel without clutter. It also unclutters the mind, and you’ll realise you don’t actually ne a lot of that stuff you thought before was essential.

Tip 7 Save Money:

Sell items you don’t ne on e-bay: As for the tip above, if you have items that you no longer ne, then consider selling them on Ebay. It only takes a few minutes to set up an account and list your item, so what are you waiting for!

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