Saved By The Bell: Fresh Details On The Reboot Are Finally Here!


The mythical battles for command in the family are, little by little, coming to an end. Gone are the years in which to follow the new chapter of your favourite show, you had to convince all members of your household for the television channel continuing frames let you glued to the chair is put.

Today, tablet, laptop, or even mobile phone in hand, everything is much more comfortable, democratic and each person can follow their fictional stories at their own pace, without having to depend on the big screen that stars in your living room.

Of course, the varieties of platforms where you can watch some of your favourite shows do not stop growing over time. If HBO and Netflix are the great known and preferred by the public, the latest releases of Amazon Prime Video and Disney+ are on their heels more and more.

Saved By The Bell: Fresh Details On The Reboot Are Finally Here!

Peacock And NBC?

Peacock, the new video service launched in the United States by NBC Universal on July 15, three months after the scheduled date, delayed by the global incidence of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Now, having this extensive platform card, what is the ace that the new ‘Peacock’ keeps to convince you that you will only need this service? The ‘Reboot’ of ‘Saved by the Bell’! Four months after the first trailer arrived, today we have seen the final trailer, with no specific release date.


Additionally, Peacock has released the first synopsis: “When California Governor Zack Morris gets in trouble for closing too many low-budget high schools, he proposes that they send affected students to the highest performing schools, including Bayside High. The influx of new students gives Bayside’s most privileged kids a much-needed dose of reality that will create hilarious moments. “


The series will feature John Michael Higgins (“Pitching the Note”) as Principal Toddman, the new head of Bayside High, while Josie Totah (“Spider-man: Homecoming”) will play Lexi. Of course, they could not miss Mark-Paul Goselaaar (Zach Morris), Elizabeth Berkley, who played Jessica Spano, or Mario Lopez, AC in the series. According to IMDb, this ‘reboot’ of ‘Saved by the bell’ will have ten episodes.

Who is not excited to hear again that rock song that introduced the series with its iconic style of lyrics, very colourful and so so so 90s? Well, we do not know if they will respect this marvel from the beginning but what we do know is that we will be able to enjoy the stories of the characters of this emblematic series of adolescents again.

Stay tuned with us for more such interesting news.

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