Say About Black Woman, Quarantine Grounds Biden In Hot Water


Joe Biden grounded in hot water through a clip of him showing that people were able to quarantine during the pandemic. Why?

They are expressing that the reason I was trying to stay secluded in my home is due to some Black ladies were trying to stack the grocery shelf.

The short clip that was really shared on Sept. 29 was just a piece of comments the Democratic nominee created during a Sept. 15 roundtable with retired soldiers in Tampa, Fla.

In the remarks, Biden had given a positive tone in relation to the problems the country faces. Especially the ones that stem from the coronavirus outbreak. He said that he is more positive. In his profession, he is more positive.

Biden noted that it didn’t go viral after they were loudened by turning Point USA senior distributor Rob Smith.

The retired Vice President was crashed on social media with critics calling the comment racist and make a joke about the Biden’s campaign a lid.

What? And black people STILL giving him a pass, National Diversity Coalition for Trump CEO Dr. Darrell Scott stated. 

You are not Black if you are not merchandising a grocery shelf for Joe Biden. Said by a political teller Dave Rubin.

This should click a lot of discussion on the ethics of the lockdown and how we have made lower-income Americans into human shields. A tweeted by Ricochet editor Bethany Mandel. 

Numerous people suggested that there would be a huge uproar when President Trump or a Republican were caught these words by Biden. One can assume that the media’s reaction if Trump said this, RealClear Politics co-founder and president Tom Bevan said. 

Close your eyes. Trump saying and now the reaction of the media. Happy evening! Enjoy your night!

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