Scalise: Moderate House Dems ‘Were Urging That Radical Agenda’ Rejected By Balloters


After all of that shift to the left-win, they marvel why they were denied at the polls, House GOP whip shared with media. Calise stated that the GOP message resonated with ballots, especially on the economy. 

Democratic members of Congress have been urged to confront the reality that continuing policy. The Green New Deal is not famous among many voters. House Minority Whip Steve Scalise shared with media. 

House Democrats complained about a caucus call earlier the continuing rally cries cost moderates their seats after their Republican equivalent picked up at least more than seven seats. 

The shift came as a tiny surprise to Scalise. He had distinguished the election as combat between freedom and leftism. They got angry today but they were not angry at the time they were pushing that radical agenda.

At the time they were voting for that radical agenda that was so out of the country. The green new deal, medicare for all prevent from the police. They voted for all the things. Moreover, after that, they were not happy when the voters denied their thoroughgoing shift to the left. 

Scalise stated that the GOP message resonates with ballots, especially on the economy. We stand for getting the economy back on safety for getting schools open again. And also circulating the corner on COVID continuing to keep taxes less. So that we can make more jobs as he describes. 

That was the message it supports the cops and supports the unborn. They were for killing babies after they are born not in the womb. They would not even bring a vote to the base on that. After all of that shift to the left-wing, they wonder the reason they were denied at the polls. 


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