Scenes from ‘Hello, Stranger’ that made “Married at First Sight a hit”


The chances of many couples marrying each other in the new episode ‘hello stranger’ of season 12 of ‘Married at First Sight’ is high!

A tv show where a bunch of single persons are meant to marry people arranged for them by relationship experts and the couple sees each other on the wedding day directly.

This time we are going to break down the dramas and twists of some couples:

Clara and Ryan

First couple to married! Imparting some home pledges to one another, Ryan reveals Clara she’s constantly been with him in his heart, filling tears in her eyes.

Excited to sharing a kiss and getting married, their nerves are evident in their underlying chitchat. Clara gets to know her new last name Oubre.

Virginia and Erik

Next are Erik and Virginia! They married with their loved ones preceding gathering at the special stepped area. Virginia then, starts her party by throwing back certain shots, settling down enough to stroll down the walkway. 

Source: hello magazine

Giggly all through the pledges, Virginia wasn’t much about indicating her love and they shared their first kiss. She hits up the bar again as they gear up for photographs.

If you want to download and watch the full episode of Hello Stranger, tap on the link- 

Briana and Vincent

Third couple to say “I do”! They got some consoling words from their families and companions. Briana’s mom discusses how happy she is for her little girl pursuing her love for someone, Vincent starts with his companions. 

When they met again, the couple’s fascination towards one another is clear. Despite the fact that Briana’s family cautions Vincent that she’s the supervisor now.

When they had time alone together, both immediately got alright with each other.

Paige and Chris

Paige and Chris get ready for their wedding. She’s was way too much energized to meet her husband to be, while Chris was agonizing over his looks and worrying over if he has the correct loot for his new spouse. 

Clara accepts the vastness pendant jewellery as a sign from god. Things get profound as both say ‘yes! I do’, and both of them plans about their future.

These were the few scenes which must have given you hope for your dream wedding. Stay on the page to get more topics of such kind.


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