SCOTUS Will Not Fast-Track Appeal Over Ceasing Extended Deadline For PA Mail-In Voters


The Supreme Court ruled that Pennsylvania can count mail-in voters until Friday after election day. Though Republican protests. 

The high court refuses a GOP request to fast track a verdict on ceasing vote-counting after November. It means that as long as voters are postmarked by election day. They can reach three days after. 

Twenty-two states and Washington D.C. will approve voters to be counted after election day since they are postmarked on time. 

The vote was around 5. Justice Samuel Alito along with the court’s two different more orthodox members. They have written that they would have liked to matter a ruling but there was not sufficient time. 

I reluctantly finish that there is not sufficient time at this time to discuss such a question before the election. 

Justice Amy Coney Barrett finalized one day before that they did not participate in the ruling. The Luzerne County Board of elections has appealed that she challenges herself from the case. 

Alito, along with Justices Clarence Thomas and Neil Gorsuch wish that the court could not still act on the GOP asked for ruling on the excellence in some days. 

The Pennsylvania supreme court claiming urgent jurisdiction last month prolonged the last date for mailed voters to be achieved by-election officials until 6 November. The court cited in its decision the potential for mail detains. The reality state law technically approves mail-in voters to be cast on election day. Something that would create the USPS bringing them on election day unrealistic. 

Republicans charge with the state Supreme Court of great powers. Unconstitutionally creating a real move to alter election law. They debated such a resolution constitutionally within lawmakers and not the courts. 

State Republicans dossiers the case a few days back. The step has taken after the justices were split 4-4 on keeping hold to the addition.


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