Scream 3’s Original Script Had 2 Killers: Who They Were & Why It Changed


Scream 3 is one of the most horror films to be made. But did you know that the original scripts of the film had two killers? The creator’s original plan was different than what it got produced.

As per our research, in the earlier plot, the killer is disclosed early in the film. Then eventually, the characters find out their backstory by the end of the film. Continue reading to know more about the film.

The original Scream film had perfect performances by actors, a great story, and much more, which gets right. And the best part of the film was the murder mystery, except Sidney, everybody was a big suspect.

Later on, the plot twists occurred, which absolved certain characters. In the end, it got revealed that there wasn’t just one killer.

Even in the second installment and the fourth installment of the Scream, there were two killers. Both got disclosed at the end. But if we talk about Scream 3, then it has been revealed that the director of the Stab 3 film, Roman Bridger was not the only killer.

The second killer of the film was Sidney’s long-lost half-brother. Let’s check out who the characters were and why the makers change the plot.

Scream 3 film Originally Had Another Killer: Who Was The Second Killer And Why It Changed?

When the script for Scream 3 was drafted, along with Roman Bridger, Angelina Tyler (Emily Mortimer), was the second killer. She was the ambitious actress who played a role with Sidney in Stab 3.

Later on, it got revealed that she was a former classmate of Sidney’s from Woodsboro. She had changed her name from Angie Crick to Angelina Tyler. Apart from that, she was also Roman’s love interest.

Now many of you might a question that why Sidney did not recognize her at the first meet. They went to a high school, which did not have thousands, but hundreds of students. They would have run into each other at some point.

There is a chance that they never interacted with each other. Angie Crick idolized Sydney Prescott because she had gained huge fame due to various murders that surrounded her.

The dedicated viewers of Scream 3 might have noticed that the character of Angie’s intended motivation is very reminiscent of the motive claimed in Scream 4 by Jill Roberts, Sidney’s cousin. This is why the writer scrapped the part where Angelina was the second killer in the third part of the film. However, we aren’t sure about this.

Final Words

According to the sources, the producers of Dimension Films bosses Harvey and Bob Weinstein did not entertain the plot and asked the writers to change it. But we believe that they should have left the characters in their original place because there were many occasions in which Roman would have needed to be at two locations at a once to kill.

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