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The goal of each horror movie is to somehow fill horror in the audiences’ minds and some exceptional movies go beyond that. One of those epic horror movies is The Descent. The Descent was released in 2005 and is created by Neil Marshall. It is one of the scariest and rare films. Not only at the time of its release, but today also has it wreaked havoc on audiences’ nerve. 

More about The Descent!!

The story of the movie is about a tight-knit group including thrill-seeking women. They decide to go on an underground adventure but their happiness was not that much longer. One of the thrill-seeking women suffers an unfathomable loss and the adventurous trip turns into a nightmare. After knowing the truth that they are out of their depth, the inter-group tension started, and then comes a big twist. There were some other creatures in the cave about whom the women never knew. After the arrival of those creatures in the story, it turned into a hair-raising thriller. 

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The most terrifying part of the movie arrives!!

We have seen that most of the fans believe claustrophobia to be the real killer. Yes, we know that the blood-thirsty beasts were in the movie but it is also clear that the intense cramped caving was more terrifying than those beasts. Many of the famous names stated the most terrifying part of the movie according to them. But believe us; all of them have the same thing to say. From most of the fans, the monsters were cool but where everyone felt the movie was the sense of claustrophobia due to which they were short of breath. 

Some of the posters said that the story would be more engaging if there was no place for the creatures in the film. One of them claimed that the first half of the movie is better than that of the second part.

What do you think about it? What was the most terrifying part according to you? Let us know by commenting below. And if you haven’t watched such a horror genre movie yet, then don’t waste a second in thinking. Just go and watch. Stay tuned with us and follow the space for more updates.


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