Season 1 For The Korean Zombie Drama ‘All of Us Are Dead’ Is Set To Premiere Soon, Here’s Everything We Know So Far

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As we brace for the arrival of All of Us Are Gone, Netflix will get a double dose of the Korean zombie plague this year. We’ve assembled a list of everything you need to know about All of Us Are Gone, including the story, cast, reviews, and Netflix release date.

All of Us Are Dead is a new South Korean zombie horror series written by Chun Sung-il and based on Joo Dong-Geun’s webtoon Now at Our School. Lee Jae Gyoo, popular for his work on Trap, King2Hearts, and Intimate Strangers, will be directing the series.

The zombie franchise has proved to be one of Netflix’s most profitable and successful. Netflix will have nine zombie Originals under its umbrella, including the upcoming debut of All of Us Are Dead.

When will the first season of All of Us Are Dead be available on Netflix?

Netflix is yet to announce an official release date, but All of Us Are Dead will be streaming on Netflix in 2021. The series is scheduled to be published in the second half of the year.

What’s the story behind All of Us Are Dead?

When a zombie virus spreads across the community, a group of high school students becomes stuck inside their school.

Who makes up the All of Us Are Dead cast?

The cast of All of Us Are Dead has been verified in its entirety, here is the list of them with their roles on the franchise:

  1. Cheong San as Yoon Chan Young
  2. Ohn Jo as Park Ji Hoo
  3. Nam Ra as Jo Yi Hyun
  4. Su Hyuk as Park Solomon
  5. Gwi Nam as Yoo In Soo
  6. Song Jae Ik as Lee Kyu Hyung
  7. Lee Byeong Chan as Kim Byung Chul
  8. Chang-Hoon as Shin Jae Hwi
  9. Hee-Soo as Lee Chae Eun
  10. Seo Hyo Ryeong as Kim Bo Yun
  11. Park Eui Won as Bae Hae Seon
  12. Jung Young Nam as Yoon Gyung Ho
  13. Ji Min as Kim Jin Young
  14. Park Seon Hwa as Lee Sang Hee
  15. Nam So Ju as Jeon Bae Soo
  16. Lee Eun Saem as Park Mi Jan
  17. TBA as Kim Jee Soo

Other cast members who are expected to appear on All of us are dead season 1, but their roles aren’t confirmed yet includes:

  1. Ahn Ji Ho
  2. Ahn Seung Gyun
  3. Oh Hee Joon
  4. Jung Yi Seo
  5. Woo Ji Hyun
  6. Ham Sung Min
  7. Lee Min Goo
  8. Jin Ho Eun
  9. Jo Dal Hwan

What is the total number of episodes?

All of Us Are Dead would have a total of 8 seasons, according to mydramalist. The length of each episode will be about 42 minutes.

Whenand where was the recording of All of Us Are Dead done?

It’s unknown when filming began, but it was underway in August before being suspended due to the COVID19 pandemic. We hope that shooting on the series will be finished by the time this article is written.

Is it possible that All Of Us Are Dead and have many seasons?

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Whether or not All Of Us Are Dead gets a second season is largely dependent on the success of the show. We don’t expect the series to fail for audiences because K-Dramas are already very common, and zombies are timeless.

The source material is an important factor to remember. Although we don’t expect the series to cover the webtoon panel by panel, there are already 130 chapters from which the authors will take inspiration. For so much material at their disposal, we’d expect at least two seasons of Both Of Us Are Dead.

Are you planning to watch the first season of All of Us Are Dead on Netflix? Please let us know in the comments section below!


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