Season 3 of Harley Quinn will discuss the vulnerabilities of Commissioner Jim Gordon in keeping Gotham secure. This month, HBO Max renewed the famous animated series for season three. The show follows Harley Quinn’s many misadventures and contains a host of well-known characters, such as Poison Ivy, Batgirl, and Batman.

A plot twist in Season 3

Jim Gordon, Gotham City’s tireless police officer, was a character to star in Harley Quinn. Yet Commissioner Gordon was possibly presented in an entirely new way by Harley Quinn and Gordon was also seen as the culprit of multiple witches.

Thus, after Gotham announcing that he is a No Man country, season 2 of Harley Quinn started with a Commissioner spiraling into an alcohol-induced depression.

Harley Quinn’s Spotlight Justin Halpern reveals in an interview with Deadline that Jim Gordon spends most of the 3rd season combating his sins as a Gotham policeman. However, to Gordon’s credit, Halpern points out that he is not faithful to many of the Commissioner’s problems.

Currently, Halpern stresses that “the system is so f**controlled,” that Gordon is unable to know how to keep people safe effectively. Nevertheless, Halpern says it’s time for Gordon to work with music, understand his flaws, and see what can be achieved next. 

In his comment, Halpern emphasized Gotham’s general sense of disorder and brutality and called it a “cesspool.” Halpern was hardly wrong in her defense, and Gotham long stood as a rarest city in the DC universe and was scarcely able to keep its myriad villains out of control both heroes and law enforcement officers.

Still, while sometimes it seems like Gotham is hanging on a thread, over the years the city has an undoubted spirit.


In Harley Quinn, it appeared as life had finally gotten the better of Jim Gordon in Gotham. There were several series. But Gordon’s two-face marriage and his penetration at the end of season 2 of Poison Ivy and Kite Man’s marriage make it clear that the commissioner already has a war on his side.

Since the police are too good, Halpern underlines that Harley Quinn will guide Jim Gordon as a cop to overcome his past mistakes during season 3. 

However, it is also quite obvious that safeguarding Gotham is the world’s hardest task and that Commissioner Jim Gordon is the only guy who works better than Batman.

So stay tuned with us to get more information for the Harley Quinn Season 3 and keep reading.


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