Season 4 of ‘The Conners’ will debut with a live episode and a contest that will bring a new member into the family.


According to ABC’s latest announcement, season 4 of The Conners will premiere next month with a live episode and a chance for viewers to win a virtual appearance as a member of the Conner family. Announcing the sweepstakes for “You Can Be A Conner,” ABC gives viewers a chance to connect with cast members and make a special appearance during the live season premiere programme.

On both the East and West Coasts, The Conners’ cast will perform the first episode of Season 4 in its entirety. In addition, Conner family members plan to phone sweepstakes winners to ask them how they would handle certain challenges that they face daily. As a result, the winners will be considered Conner family members and will see them via video conversations.

Conners is the spin-off of Roseanne, which was cancelled after Roseanne Barr’s racist Twitter posts were exposed. Barret was not portrayed in the spin-off, which mostly overlooks Roseanne Barr’s show’s controversial ninth and last season. Last season, The Conners became ABC’s most popular sitcom, despite Barr’s controversial remarks when it premiered.

It stars John Goodman as Dan and his family, Laurie Metcalf as Jackie and Darlene Conner, Lecy Goranson and D.J. Conner, Michael Fishman as D.J. Conner, Emma Kenney as Harris and Mark Conner-Healy, Jay Rey as Mary Conner, and Jay Ferguson as Ben. Sara Gilbert, Bruce Helford, Dave Caplan and Bruce Rasmussen are executive producers together with Tom Werner. Tony Hernandez is the show’s director of photography.

ABC has also announced that Fred Savage, who played Darlene’s therapist in season three, will return in season four. In addition, during the fourth season, Jason Alexander, who played George Constanze on Seinfeld, will appear in two episodes.

As of September 22, 9 p.m. EDT, The Conners will return for Season 4. If you’re interested in becoming a Conner, check out the campaign’s official page!




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