Sen John Kenedy


Judge Amy Coney Barrett will be present at the Supreme Court finalization hearings before the Senate. 

Senate Judiciary Committee member John Kennedy celebrates the confirmation of Amy Coney Barrett to the SC. It is calling the 52-48 Senate ballot a victory for our founders. It was never about her certificates. 

Kennedy shared that Tucker Carlson was never. You would have to be woof mad to think that she is not qualified in terms of mind, in terms of disposition, in terms of honesty. This fight was about who is going to make social policy in the judiciary. 

The 7th circuit Court of Appeals judge. Norte Dame law professor became the third meeting to the high court by President Trump. It solidifying a 6-3 right-wing majority and his management’s legacy just a few days before election day. 

Kennedy praised Barrett for pricing the difference between the law-making. Judicial shifts and charges with tolerant of rusting the system by make laws from the bench. It is called judicial constraint as per Kennedy Judge Barrett’s looks that our researchers deliberated it. That is the reason why this was a success tonight for our founders. 

Earlier to Barrett’s comments, several of the 22 senators on the committee addressed Ginsburg’s famous decade. 

Graham opening the hearing called Ginsburg an active pushing for more similar justice. And also better rights for ladies across the country. To celebrate the friendship the late justice posted with Scalia. 

Feinstein remarked Ginsburg’s confirmation hearing, initially she noticed as a U.S. senator. Feinstein mentions the hearing as a real excitement for any person who broke barriers. Klobuchar shares that Ginsburg’s legacy could not be eliminated. To the person of America, we have come to a big distance. In the name of RBG, we should not go in reverse. 


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