Sense of honor, American veteran, Arizona police officer shows her love for the flag.



  • The military veteran picked the flag.
  • Sense of honor and love for the country of the American veterans.
  • Feels pain when she sees the flag on the ground.

Inside Story:

While passing through the street, during the monsoon season you can daily see the flag down on the ground. For citizens who love their country with a whole heart, they can’t bear such things. This is painful just as stabbing yourself in your heart.

Many retired officers or veterans feel so much for their nation. Their whole life they just loved their country before anything. Even they sacrifice their family for the country. They are the ones who deserve to hoist the flag up in the sky.

But at the end of the day when an officer sees the flag on the ground, the pain they feel is not explainable. The video of the officer has gone viral, when she saw the flag, she did the honorable thing for herself and the country.

She didn’t let down the country’s pride, this act of honor shows that patriotism is still alive and the love for the country is still there. People on social media are appreciating the veteran officer of America.

Rolled the Flag!

While on duty for patrolling, the veteran officer of America saw the flag off from its post. She just came out of her car and picked the pride of the country, she rolled up the flag and kept on the chair beside the Owners doorstep.


This act of honor was caught on the CCTV of the shop. It was good to see such an act of kindness. This would be an inspiration for many, how the veteran American Airforce officer saves the pride of the country.

Many Countrymen will be inspired, such things you can’t see daily but happen daily. Loving our land, our country is just like love for your family or love for your parents.


The people of America appreciated this act of honor a lot on social media. We should get inspired by such incidents. This will definitely lead us and guide us to be better humans. It is not just because she is a veteran that she picked up the flag.

Indirectly is the duty of every citizen of every country, love for our country should be our priority.


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