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Tony Basgallop’s creepy psychological horror series “Servant,” executive produced by M. Night Shyamalan, who also directs some of the episodes.

“Servant” contains everything a Shyamalan fan could want. Like most of his films, it is set in Philadelphia. It’s claustrophobic, with much of the action taking place inside the townhouse of a lonely couple. And almost every episode contains a big plot twist that completely changes the course of the story.

“Servant” was renewed for a third season by Apple in December 2020, before the second season had even aired. However, now that the Season 2 finale is finally in the books as of March 19, it’s time to start thinking about Season 3. Here’s what we know about one of Apple TV+’s spookiest shows — or any streaming platform for that matter.

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When will Servant Season 3 be available? 

Apple and producer M. Night Shyamalan haven’t said when Season 3 of “Servant” will be released, but previous seasons’ production should give us an idea. Season 2 started filming in January 2020 (according to The Philadelphia Inquirer), wrapped in July (per M. Night Shyamalan on Twitter), and premiered in January 2021. Before the premiere, there will be approximately six months of shooting followed by another six months of publicity and post-production.

You may have noted that the bulk of the shooting for “Servant” Season 2 took place as COVID-19 was sweeping the United States.

With just four main cast members and a single soundstage venue, “Servant” was one of the few big Hollywood productions small enough to film safely during the worst of the pandemic.

This should give us a good idea of how long Season 3, which will also have ten half-hour episodes, will take to film. Shyamalan tweeted on March 16, 2021, that he had just finished directing the first episode of Season 3. Season 3 could wrap in September 2021 and debut six months later, in March 2022, if everything goes according to plan.

Who is in the Servant Season 3 cast? 

There haven’t been any news about new Season 4 cast members, but there aren’t likely to be any. From the beginning, Shyamalan and producer Tony Basgallop planned for “Servant” to run for four seasons, each with ten episodes (via Apple Magazine). Since “Servant” is pre-planned, it isn’t the kind of show where a new recurring cast member is introduced every season.

That means the four main cast members of “Servant” Season 4 will almost certainly return. They include Nell Tiger Free as Leanne, the mysterious nanny whom the Graysons hire to care for their baby; Lauren Ambrose plays Dorothy Turner, news reporter and bereaved mother of Jericho;

Toby Kebbell plays Sean Turner, Dorothy’s husband; and Rupert Grint plays Julian Pearce, Dorothy’s brother. It’s also likely that Season 2 cast members including Boris McGiver, who plays Dorothy’s uncle, and Jerrika Hinton, who plays Dorothy’s therapist, will return.

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What is the plot of Season 3 of Servant?

Before we get into the forthcoming third (and fourth) seasons of “Servant,” it’s important to remember that this is a strange and mysterious show. Even the cast members don’t always know what’s going on — star Rupert Grint told Backstage that he and his fellow cast members get their scripts one by one.

They know just as much as the viewer does about the performance as a whole. As a result, it’s hard to know exactly what will happen. Having said that, we are aware that the show is halfway through its scheduled run. The Turners and the secretive religious cult have been building up to a major clash for the first two seasons, with Leanne caught in the middle.

To summarise: For the majority of the first two seasons, the show portrayed Leanne as an enigmatic character with unknown abilities, refusing to say whether she intended to hurt or support the Turners in her own twisted way.

Leanne has produced an ultra-realistic baby doll that looks like Jericho and has brought it to life for the Turners. This seems to have piqued the interest of people from Leanne’s history.

Uncle George and Aunt Josephine appear in the Season 2 finale. They appear to be two members of Leanne’s enigmatic cult, and they arrive to perform sadistic cleansing rites as a means of punishment for Leanne’s departure from the fold.

Aunt Josephine is killed by Leanne, but it is only a brief victory. She warns the Turners that sick cult members will be paying them further visits in the future.

What’s the deal with this enigmatic cult? What exactly are Leanne’s real motives? Will the Turners’ marriage be able to withstand the impending holy war? All will be known. Hopefully this is the case.


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