Sex Education Season 3: Release date, plot, cast, and much more!

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Season 2 ended with a lot many questions that were left unanswered. Viewers were seeking answers to these questions in the season finale but the makers made sure to not give away a lot and leave us all on a cliffhanger. Fans are eagerly waiting for the next season to appear and here’s some good news for the fans of Sex Education as Season 3 has been finally confirmed by the streaming service, Netflix.

Season 3 is not quite away from now. The show began filming long back but had to halt the production processes due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. The pandemic seemed to have disrupted various other procedures, especially in the film industry. UK was the spot Netflix needed to commence shooting and the filmmakers found the right way to go about it by finding the shooting dates just before the new strain began capturing the UK in entirety.

The standard finish window was considered to be February 2021 as the cast and crew began shooting in September 2020. All cast members had to undergo a 14-day isolation period, especially those who weren’t UK residents. They were then expected to be in the spot from August 23. And here’s the good news you need to hear: the shooting for Sex Education Season 3 has finally wrapped up as of March 2021.

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In addition to the renewal of the season, Netflix has also confirmed the inclusion of three new characters to the show. These include recording craftsman and musician Dua Saleh, Jemima Kirke (Girls), and Lucius Malfoy himself who would be playing the role of Jason Isaacs. Now, the bigger question before us is about the end of the most loved series on the streaming giant. 

Mostly, series come to an end after their third season, at least this is the pattern observed on Netflix. Talking about Sex Education, we do not know whether this season is going to be the end of it. Makers haven’t revealed much yet.


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