Sex Education Season 4 is confirmed Details we know so far


So you binge-watched the long-awaited third season of Sex Education on Netflix only days after it debuted, and now you’re searching for a Season Four fix. It’s okay; you’re not alone. After a pandemic-induced hiatus, the acclaimed adolescent dramedy has soared into Netflix’s Top 10, but fans may be in for another long wait.

Sex Education renewed for Season 4?

Sex Education’s fourth season has yet to be formally greenlit by Netflix. But don’t despair just yet—the episodes were released less than a week ago, indicating that Netflix may be waiting to see how fans and reviewers react before making a decision. Fortunately for us, the cast is anxious to return, even if they are as clueless as we are.

What’s the plotline for Sex Education Season 4?

Season Four will have a lot of explaining to do after Season Three’s cliffhanger conclusion. First and foremost, what is ahead for Otis and Maeve? After two and a half seasons of yearning, these star-crossed lovers eventually declared their emotions for one another in Season Three, but when Maeve obtained a once-in-a-lifetime study abroad chance in America, she put their budding romance on hold. Will they try a transatlantic romance in Season Four, or will long-distance be the death of them?

Meanwhile, Adam and Eric called it quits after a tumultuous season of ups and downs in their relationship. Though Eric’s kiss with another guy in Nigeria officially terminated the relationship, tensions grew throughout the season as Eric questioned his capacity to date someone who was still finding their sexuality. Could Adam’s blossoming relationship with Eric’s ex-boyfriend Rahim portend a new romance?

At the end of Season Three, there were numerous unanswered mysteries. Jean got the results of a paternity test after having a near-death experience while giving birth to her daughter Joy. As she read the paperwork in the hospital, we watched her shake her head in disbelief, exclaiming, “Oh crap!” Will Jakob stay with Jean and raise Joy as his daughter if he isn’t Joy’s real father, as the circumstances suggest? Only in Season Four will the truth be exposed.

Perhaps the most pressing question is what will happen to the students’ academic careers now that Moordale is closing owing to a lack of investors. Perhaps in Season Four, the community will band together to find new investors and rescue the school, or perhaps the students will go their own ways in search of other educational possibilities. We’re betting on the former. After all, what good is Sex Education if not Sex School?

When will Sex Education Season 4 release?

Without an official renewal from Netflix, it’s difficult to predict when the next season will air, but we may make an educated prediction based on prior distribution trends. Season Three’s delayed production schedule was a pandemic-influenced anomaly, so let’s compare Seasons One and Two. Season Two premiered precisely one year after the first season, so if the program is renewed shortly, we might be seeing Season Four as early as Fall 2022.

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