Sex Education’s Jojo Macari recalling how he accidentally punched EastEnder star Alex Ferns

Source: The Us Posts

There are many accidents that happen on the sets and it’s often interesting to hear celebrities recall the same. A similar incident took place when we heard Sex Education star Jojo Macari narrate his story about him accidentally punching the former EastEnders actor Alex Ferns while they were on the sets of their new Netflix show The Irregulars.

The upcoming drama is known to be set in Victorian London and will be based on the artistic works of Arthur Canon Doyle wherein a group of teenagers would be at work under Dr. Watson to assist him to solve the most extraordinary and supernatural crimes. In the meantime, Sherlock Holmes would be seen taking the credit of their hard work – a character duly played by The Inbetweeners’ Henry Lloyd-Hughes.

Source: Digital Spy

Macari had been playing the role of Billy in it wherein he was involved in a run-in with Ferns’ Vic Collins during the eight episodic run and during the chase, he ended up lamping the former Trevor Morgan actor in the face!! While talking to Digital Spy, he said that the punch was quite intense and was definitely delivered to the wrong guy as he wasn’t someone you would wish to punch in the nose!

He also mentioned that it was fun working with Alex and that he thoroughly enjoyed every moment of filming. In addition to that, Macari also recalled his first meet with Alex wherein he got intimidated at first at the Scottish BAFTAs but then realized that he was actually a cool lovely dude. He further added that Alex really knows his way out on the set and that he got to learn a lot from this super-experienced being.


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