Shawn Mendes’ life – a truly Wonderful journey.


Are you all aware of the seven wonders of the world?

I think yes, all of us are.

But, hair I would like to date to you this story of another wonder.

Wondering what I will speak to you about?

Ok, jokes apart, let me come straight to the point. Too many wonders already.

Here, the wonder I am talking about is Shawn Mendes’ new music album which is all set to get the fans gaga over it on the fourth day of December. The singer and composer Mendes, has already given the fans the gift of its teaser. 

Now the news is, veteran music video director, Grant Singer is featuring a length documentary on the beautiful and musical journey of the singer and songwriter Shawn Mendes’ life. The documentary is named ‘In Wonder’ and it’s all set to conquer the hearts of the viewers through its Netflix premieres on the 23rd of November, just a week prior to the singer’s new music album’s release. 

The singer in his actual life has a very positive attitude and respect towards his work and towards people and is also a culmination of many virtues which will serve as an inspiration to the fans worldwide.

Recently he also announced a TIFF award at a festival for encouraging and incentivizing the works of the emerging young video makers. Sources say the singer in his actual life has done a number of programs to support the youth and the needy. 

Therefore, we can come to the conclusion that his story in a documentary film consisting of various clips will be a treat to the eyes. 

We wish the team and the singer the best of everything in life and wish the documentary a speedy and successful release. 

Really a Wonderful journey, it will be.

Agree with me, Buddies?


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