Shazam is a very different kind of a superhero who is non-serious, funny and just doesn’t have the qualities of a typical super hero. The first movie of him was a big blockbuster. People liked the idea that a small could evolve himself into an adult when he puts on the Shazam suit. Ever since then the fans had been asking for a 2nd part. The creator has also declared that the 2nd part will be made.


The new look was shared by the film’s director David F. Sandberg. The costume update was necessary because David thought so. In the picture shared on twitter, Shazam can be seen wearing a suit that doesn’t have its front part. Only the symbol of Shazam is there. It looks pretty hilarious and it should look so as it is all a prank that has been played by David to keep the fans amused till the movie hits the theatre.

David has been doing so to keep the interest of the people on for the second part of the movie “Shazam: Fury of Gods”. The second part has been delayed due to the corona virus pandemic that has affected a large number of TV shows and movies among other things. Shazam 2 will most likely hit the theaters by June 2023 given that the pandemic will be over by then.   

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