Star Wars is such a big franchise that there exist a lot of TV series on the same which could never make it to the TV screens. One such series named Star Wars Detour’s one episode got leaked on Reddit. Here is all the information on the never released show.


The show was made nearly a decade ago by Seth Green and Matthew Senreich and was being produced by Lucasflim. Making of about 39 episodes was completed and the show was slotted in for a late release in 2012 but then the production company Lucasflim got purchased by Disney. The people in Disney had some other plans and as result the show got shelved for infinity. There was no plan of releasing or reviving the show later in the future.

The only way fans could have come to know about the show was through a leak of this kind and this is what exactly Weird Al Yankovic said on his twitter handle. Weird had voiced 4-LOM a character from the show who is a bounty hunter. The episode that got leaked on Reddit is named “Dog Day Afternoon” and is 18 minutes long. Apart from Weird, the episode features Andy Richter as Zuckuss, Billy Dee Williams as Lando Calrissian and Grey Griffin as Boba Fett.

The stars of the shelved show are happy that the episode got leaked as now Disney may think of releasing the show. Will it be a profitable decision to release a show that is so old? Comment your views on the same in the comment box below.


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