Sheridan Smith’s first look in the sequel to The Railway Children

Source: Yahoo Movies UK

For the Railway Children Return, which followed on from the iconic 1970 film version of the novel E Nesbitt, the first image of the novel has now been revealed, Gavin & Stacey and Two Pints of Lager and a Packet of Crisps actor Sheridan Smith has recently announced to be a part of the sequel.

Released by Studiocanal to celebrate the end of the film, Beau Gadsdon (from left to right) sees Lily, Sheridan Smith as Anne, Thomas, Zac Cudby as Ted, Abe, and Abe, and Agutter as Bobbie smiling in the field. She sees Beau Gadsdon as Lily and Sheridan Smith as Pattie.

Source: RTE

Jenny, a Midwife Star, takes over from her 1970 movie version of Doctor Who’s alumni Bernard Cribbins. The picture also starred. But did you know that in the 1968 TV adaptation, she also played Roberta and in the 2000 TV adaption, the mother? Right there’s a multiverse idea for a film.

The film will feature Tom Courtenay (the Dad’s Army Film) and John Bradley’s Game of the Thrones, together with the featured cast.

This is followed by a group of kids that are evacuated during the Second World War to a Yorkshire village. The movie is said to give the storey a “modern sensitivity.”

The original film of 1970, which is planned for April 1, 2022, was just released on blu-rays recently. Curious people can definitely get it over the internet and watch the first part until the second one releases. 

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