Sherlock Holmes 3: Expected Plot, Release, And Cast


Sherlock Holmes 3 is the upcoming film sequel to the original film named Sherlock Holmes which is directed by Dexter Fletcher. The genre of this sequel will again stick with mystery, action, and historical drama. 

The first installment was able to receive overall positive reviews from the critics and fans of Sherlock Holmes for its story, action scenes, costumes, and performance of Downey where Downey got Golden Globe Award for Best Actor in a Musical or Comedy.

 Even the second installment also received positive reviews but not at that extend compared to the first installment. So let’s go forward to learn about the information related to Season 3!

Plot We May Expect

We might expect season 2 can follow Season 3 where we may see story represent the mystery, adventure, and actions as Sherlock is proved to be alive and working with the support of Dr. Watson together to strive to unlock the criminal and mysterious offenses. Fans will also see some taste of Humour and Comedy in this third installment.  

Even this installment is sure going to meet the expectations of fans of Sherlock Holmes. As there is even no official trailer released, we cannot further expect and we have to keep controlling our eagerness for one and a half years.

Sherlock Holmes 3: Expected Plot, Release, And Cast


The film was initially to get aired on 25th December 2020. But due to the COVID-19 pandemic outbreak, the release date is said to be postponed for 1 year which may be heart-breaking for the lovers of Sherlock Holmes as the initial release date is said to be released on 22nd December 2021.


The main protagonist will be Robert Downey Jr. as Sherlock Holmes and the main supporting character is Jude Law as Dr. John. The rest of the characters might remain the same as there were in Season 2 where some will make entry or cameo and others will not. There are also chances of new characters as we might expect it.

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