Sherrie Hewson, only hours after coming out of her surgery learned of Coronation Street exit

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Sherrie Hewson has announced that she has learned that she is released and let go from the show shortly after she has signed a new contract from her role on the soap in I TV, after getting surgery on her eyes.

From 1993 to 1997, when the actress ran away to Germany to marry Bill Webster, the actress played Maureen Webster on the soap.

Hewson said that soap producer Brian Park told her about axing her character very soon after she signed a new deal to remain on the show for another 12 months.

Revealing that, she questioned herself: “What can I have done wrong?” When she got to know about the story, she said that realization hit her that it was tough to lose her job because she had been suffering from her emergency medicine.

To quote her, she said, “At the hospital, they tried to get the blood and water out of my retina, [but it] didn’t work. I went back to the studio, and they went, Come on, you’ve got to do your scenes. I finished the scene and came off, and I was a little bit scared because I didn’t know what had happened to my eye and they said, Could you go and see Brian? I went, Yeah, okay. So I went to his office and opened the door, and he went, Don’t sit down… and he said – bear in mind this is March and I’ve just signed a year’s contract – Just to let you know that I’ve decided not to carry on with your character.”

She then said that she had made a commitment of another year on the cobbles. Parker informed her that she would complete the contract but not stay any longer. 

She says he told her then: “‘Don’t do anything in the press, the whole press was done. And everywhere when you go downstairs, there will be press because they know that, but don’t talk to them because it’s done already.”

Hewson also played Lesley Meredith between 2004 and 2006 in Emmerdale, adding that after hearing the news, she was so surprised that she thoughtlessly took home a bread loaf used as a promo in the corner shop – contributing to some very dramatic tabloid headlines.

Later Hewson returned to Corrie for a few episodes during the 2006 Christmas season, when she found out that Bill had an affair with Audrey Roberts.


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