Should Marvel secure Ryan Reynolds for Deadpool through a long-term contract?


For franchises set in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, earlier Marvel Studios would offer long-term contracts to the actors so as to immediately lock in the faces of the films.

Actors like Chris Hemsworth, Robert Downey Jr., and Chris Evans were offered six-film deals, for both their solo films and the Avengers trilogy. Actors like Samuel L. Jackson and Sebastian Stan actually got nine-film deals. This allowed for greater consistency and world-building within the MCU.

Now that the entire Avengers and Infinity saga has come to an end and several series have begun, it is only natural that the very popular Deadpool starring Ryan Reynolds should be renewed. There are expectations of the anti-hero from the comic books to enter into the world of the Avengers at some point.

This raises the question: has Marvel Studios signed a big, fat multi-picture contract with Ryan Reynolds in secret so that Deadpool can return to the big screen every year, just like Iron Man or Thor?

The first two solo films have been immensely well-received and a franchise would probably be highly anticipated and Marvel should take advantage of the fact.

Ryan Reynolds’ films have just begun to scratch the depth of the character from the comic books and signing the actor on to continuously make films for the next ten years will allow Marvel to explore the full potential of the character.

This might also encourage the creation of more mature films as part of the Marvel Universe.

This does, however, have its own drawbacks. It cannot be ruled out that MCU is part of Disney and the R-rated movie is rather against the family-friendly image of the brand. A massive contract might not be a possibility in the near future. The comedic routine too might not be as entertaining if it became too repetitive. 

It is still to be seen what Marvel decides to do with Ryan Reynolds and Deadpool. Fans will certainly be keeping a close eye on the situation.


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