Silent Night, the anti-Love Actually of Christmas films, gets a review.


Not everyone enjoys Christmas movies. They are often lighthearted, a little corny, and conclude with everything neatly tied up in a bow.

There are exceptions to the trend, such as Bad Santa’s dark humour, Gremlins’ twisted delight, and Krampus’ gory horror. However, even in those movies, you always expect projects to focus out from the end, and they usually do.

Enter Silent Night, a storey about approaching disaster.

Camille Griffin’s excellent debut, with its pitch-black comedy, will not appeal to everyone. However, even sceptics will be unable to dispute that it is a success.

Things certainly get off to a conventional start. With the aid of her spouse Simon, Nell is racing around attempting to organise a Christmas dinner for her old pals.

As their pals come one by one, we hear the normal niceties as they catch up, but they are not speaking about something. Instead, we get indications like Nell only serving one roasted potato per person, but otherwise, it is a typical Christmas party.

Even when Nell begins to speak about forgiveness, it seems like usual holiday banter between old friends. However, when Griffin does reveal her cards, Silent Night transforms from a Richard Curtis-style joyful film into something considerably worse. 

Not that the characters, who are just cracking open another bottle of prosecco, would know.

Despite its imminent fate, you will probably expect the film to conclude on a lighter note. And besides, it’s indeed Christmas. But, on the other hand, Gryphon is not having any of it and is not interested in leaving you feeling warm and fuzzy. 

Silent Night still has heart and passion, but if you want a good ending, rewatch Love Actually or any amount of Christmas films.

On the other hand, Silent Night understands that life is messy, especially during Christmas time with friends and family. 

Although we could easily do without the film’s last dark scene, it does not ruin the fine job done so far, as it is a film that will stick with you.

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