Silver Surfer And Galactus Ex-heralds: Most Powerful Marvel Team!


Hello Everyone! Today, here is a glance at the most powerful marvel team i.e., Silver Surfer. But, is it really that powerful team in existence or not!                                                                                                                    

To know all these, let’s dig inside the character!

Silver Surfer:

A renowned fictional character is seen in American Marvel Comics, video games, and movies, created by Jack Kirby. It is a humanoid alien who can travel across space by his right-hand surfboard-like craft and having a metallic skin. 

Like humans, this character doesn’t require any food, water, air rather than these things, he just needs any natural environment including deep space, black holes, and stars. It has a power to convert matter into energy and can manipulate the universe’s ambient energy.


Another cosmic entity who was previously a mortal man who originally consumed plants for his survival. It was sketched by Stan Lee and Jack Kirby and performed as both antagonist and protagonist as firstly he was depicted as a God-like figure who feeds by living planets who were draining but after sometime Mark Gruenwald, remold the character and make him an entity which wielded cosmic powers to devour entire planets just for his own existence. 

The extremely powerful and two-faced character will surprise us with his features, in any upcoming Marvel movie.

Galactus employs heralds to rule over new worlds. His herald Nova cannot fulfil his demands due to which Galactus replace him with Morg as his new herald. He is a fearless fictional supervillain sketched by Ron Lim and Ron Marz.

As good spirits will definitely come to kill every evil force, similarly, Galactus’ new blood-thirsty herald, Morg, will also be defeated by Silver Surfer. 

To kill the evilness of Galactus, some of the characters were also shaken hands with the ex-herald Nova, to defeat Galactus’ new herald Morg.

Now to defeat Morg and Galactus, a battle was organized in which Morg easily overpowers the Surfer and becomes more and more powerful, basically, he is growing more powerful in every minute and destroyed the planet where the fountain was. 

After too many trials also, heralds weren’t able to kill Morg, but Silver Surfer very smartly seeks out Galactus and convinced him to remove Morg’s power. 

 But as Morg’s powers ended, he was slayed by Terrax, and finally, Firelord and Air-Walker becomes the herald and in this whole battle, Nova was killed by Morg and is sent to a star by Silver Surfer!

Check out the Ex-heralds team, 

Hence, Good Always Triumphs Over Evil! To know more marvel and dramatic stories, stay tuned and connected and safe too!


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