Simon Cowell to be bedridden from spinal surgery for six more months


It is often said that when life gives you thorns hunt for roses and you will be definitely mesmerized by their fragrance. But difficulties do arise and it is then that choosing roses amidst thorns becomes tough. 

This is what happened with America’s Got Talent star Simon Cowell. Earlier this summer he suffered from severe injuries in almost three parts of his back and also had to undergo surgery in the spinal cord. 

 Supported by strong doses of painkillers, he had been doing all well and despite the initial good news of the star being able to walk on his feet, it seems that he will have to be ridden to his bed for the next six months to fully get cured of his ailments. Sources have revealed that he has been under complete care of the nurses. His friend remarked that he is in a lot of pain and will take some more time to get through this. His injuries are such that he needs complete rest and would not even be recording for his show from his bed.

The best part is that amidst all this pain, the star is keeping up with decent spirits of optimism and joking to keep himself and the family happy.

Members of his family also stated that he is doing well.

We being his well-wishers keep him in our constant prayers and wish him a speedy recovery and we just keep hoping that he soon finds a bunch of roses amidst all the thorns.


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