Singer R. Kelly attacked in prison


The US singer R. Kelly, who was arrested in 2019, was attacked by a fellow mate in prison.

Kelly (53) has been in custody since summer 2019. His charges include the sexual abuse of minors. Now the US singer is said to have been attacked in prison. This is reported by the US celebrity portal “TMZ”, citing anonymous sources from the American Federal Police.

 Kelly attacked in his own cell

Singer R. Kelly attacked in prison

The incident recently occurred in the Metropolitan Correctional Center in Chicago. Kelly was in his cell when a fellow inmate entered and hit the singer. Allegedly, the man was angry that the prison had been completely cordoned off due to protesting fans of Kelly. It is unclear whether the inmates could not leave their cells or receive visitors as a result.

 According to the report, the fight did not last very long. Kelly was later examined by prison doctors who could not find any fractures or other serious injuries. However, there has been no official statement on the incident from the responsible authorities.

 A lawyer for the 53-year-old confirmed “CNN” that the singer’s team had been informed of an attack – and that Kelly had not suffered any major injuries. Another lawyer for the singer said on Twitter that the prison would not release any information about the health of his client. Kelly is charged with multiple sexual offenses. He is currently awaiting trial in prison.

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