Six Fantabulous Marvel Roles Preformed by Janelle Monae


Hello Everybody! Feeling delighted to have my readers back! Did you know about dazzling Janelle Monae. Lets put a glance on her. Janelle Monae Robinson is an American multitalented personality who have talents of writing songs, rapping, acting, singing and also a record producer. 

She gave her tremendous voice to various renowned characters. She begins her career in 2003 and within seventeen years she won an MTV Video Music Award, the ASCAP Vanguard Award in 2010, she also became a CoverGirl spokesperson in 2012 and also nominated for eight Grammy Awards. 

Now, she wants to perform some roles in Marvel Cinematic Universe and we dig out which roles suits the fabulous Robinson best!

Firstly, we put some glance on the role of dazzling Dazzler, which is a fictional character in the comics and a pop star portrayed by an actress in real life. Fab Janelle is like born to play this role as she love to play the roles of fighting as well as singing.

Dazzler, have an ability to convert light energy into sonic energy which is so fascinating to watch and if Janelle will play this role it will be like icing on the cake.

Secondly, we’ll talk about the role of Chat, which is an incredible mutant created by Paul Tobin and has been known to sing a tune in the Marvel Universe. Sofia “Chat” Sanduval has an ability to talk to animals and plays the role of renowned Spider-Man/ Peter Parker girlfriend.

Frankly, if Monae wants to play her role, she have to make a close bond with our Spider-Man. Isn’t it funny guys!

Let’s be frizzy with Frenzy, is an another mutant superhuman appearing in American comics and also known as Joanna Cargill. The freaky lady has been a member of Supervillains like Alliance of Evil and Acolytes and also played the role in Superhero team of the X-Men.

She suffered a rough childhood and killed her father in teenage in self-defence. Janelle may play the role of Frenzy as she performed a similar kind of military based character previously.

Don’t blink your eyes before meeting Bling, her role is played by Roxanne Washington, and was born into hip-hop royalty. She is the daughter of Roy “Daddy Libido” Washington and Angel “Sexy Mutha” Depres and being a born rapper she didn’t wants to become a hitmaker even rather than giving remarkable hip-hops she decided to pursue perfecting her mutant abilities as the Xavier Institute. Bling, also have crystalline skin due to her ability to produce diamond shards.

Next to last, take a look on Elektra, astonishing killing and attractive look of Elektra Natchios always gives new meaning to the phrase “if looks could kill.”  She plays the role of marvellous anti-hero, unapologetic and an expert assassin whose romantic attraction leads to death and frankly, if Janelle will perform this tremendous role, she definitely gets my vote. 

At last, grab information about the thunderous Storm, a fictional superhero mutant character also called as Ororo Munroe. She is the first major female character of African descent portrayed by Dave Cockrum. In X-Men, she plays one of the prominent characters and imagining Monae as Storm in the upcoming sequel of Black Panther is heart taking. 

Hence, it is an incredibly awesome experience to imagine the sexy and renowned Janelle Monae in Marvel roles. In which role do you want to see her? Comment your opinion and reviews for sure and for further detail stay connected!


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