Small details in Things Heard & Seen that you may have missed

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I’m not really sure but with what I’ve heard of to date, moving away from the big city for a quiet life somewhere in the suburbs can be a dream come true for a lot many families. However, country life becomes nothing short of a nightmare for Catherine Clear (played by Oscar-nominated Monk star Amanda Seyfried) in Things Heard and Seen.

The film is based on Elizabeth Brundage’s novel All Things Cease to Appear. It is dependent on the lives of a couple – Catherine and her husband George (played by James Norton) who takes a new job as a college professor and is therefore in need of shifting to upstate New York for the same. Soon, their family having a trip evolves from an ambitious one to a haunted one as they are at a task of dealing with dark and dangerous secrets that are related to their new home and indeed themselves as well.

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Catherine tries her best to get back her old life and get things into its proper place by uncovering the truth that lies behind the paranormal presence in her house. Though in her mission, she discovers something more hurting about her husband. She discovers how her relationship has bee built upon a foundation of lies all this while.

In addition to these points, there are certain smaller points involved in between the scenes that may have greater significance and you are sure to have missed these. Here are the subpoints to be highlighted:

  • An ominous opening
  • A spiritual homage
  • A chilling callback
  • A prescient pairing
  • A friendly ghost
  • A telling story
  • An early warning

All these points hint at the little small details that you may have missed in the episodes.


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