Smash Bros. update 9.0 patch notes buffs the 2 best online fighters


Smash Bros. lovers where you at? A new update 9.0 is waiting just for you! On October 13, the new Super Smash Bros. got a new update alongside the game’s latest DLC fighter: Steve from Minecraft. The developer’s main purpose was to bring new characters, but it has also brought innovative changes in the game. Excited to know what these changes are? Then keep reading!

The new patch has made characters more powerful such as Simon Belmont and Ice Climbers. However, two characters already in the rooster receive major buffs even if their ranking was higher than others. A player might feel the game-breaking when they are playing over wifi. Moreover, following the update launch on Tuesday night, the official patch notes got listed for Super Smash Bros. Ultimate on Nintendo’s support page.

According to the sources, adding buffs to Sonic and Ness will surely have a big impact on the online game. In August, a data-driven tier list picked Sonic and Ness and rated as 1 of 6 God Tier and 1 of 14 top-tier characters respectively. So receiving buffs to these two characters is quite noteworthy. Let’s have a look at move changes to Ness below.

Dash Attack: The power has increased in the third attack and has extended launch distance.

Up Tilt Attack: The Power has increased and maintained the launch distance.

Down Air Attack: The speed of the attack has been increased.

Up Throw: Power has been increased.

Neutral Special: Attack speed increased.

Now let’s check out every adjustment made to Sonic in the game:

Dash Attack: The power has increased. Launch distance has been maintained. The vulnerability has been reduced.

Up Tilt Attack: Vulnerability has been reduced.

Up Smash Attack: Attack speed has been increased. The time invincibility lasts before and after becoming round. It has become easier to hit numerous times.

Up Air Attack: It has become easier to hit numerous times.

Final Words

So overall, if we look at Sonic and Ness, both characters have improved drastically. Ness has become a deadly threat than ever because of increased attacks in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate.

Meanwhile, just like Ness, Sonic’s speed and attack power has increased as well. However, they have decreased vulnerability. These new changes in Sonic will make it harder to defeat in the game.

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