Smelly Cat secrets revealed by Lisa Kudrow on Friends reunion episode


Lisa Kudrow, Friends star, claimed that she had to brush her guitar to film the special gathering.

The documentary of Sky and HBO Max last week brought the original cast back to the world-famous fans and brought back some of the memorable moments from the comedy – one part put Kudrow hot when she played with the help of Gaga’s Lady Gaga’s classical music, Phoebe’s Smelly Cat.

During a presentation at the Ellen Show on Friday (June 4), Kudrow discussed this partnership and said she was rusty on the guitar that leads to the cinema. “It was awesome,” Ellen said. “When I initially heard that, I was pretty nervous. I prepared, then.”

“I realised that once again I had to study ‘Smelly Cat.’ He admitted that there was just one huge problem. And then I tuned my guitar and realised that I didn’t know the chords, but I did! There have been all the chords.


“Ya, so, thanks to the whole globe that the chords have been posted. I’ve therefore learned it and closed my throat. I was panicked, and I was unable to get anything out. I was panicked. What’s going to happen? I didn’t know! It worked out, however.”

Kudrow had a hilarious answer as she inquired whether she played on her guitar other tunes apart from ‘Smelly Cat.’ “The other songs from Phoebe,” whispered Kudrow. “I made those up only because.” Can we possibly receive an additional ‘Sticky Shoes?’

Netflix in the UK runs on friends, where it also appears on Comedy Central every day. The show may be streamed on HBO Max in the United States. Sky and NOW in the UK and HBO Max in the USA are available for the Friends meeting Special.

The Friends Meeting was entirely meaningful to many followers, and a lot of fans watched it internationally. Everyone has been incredibly emotional and made accessible on Zee5 premium account users for the Indians, and the reunion was made available.

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