Snowpiercer season 2- Release date, cast, plot, and much more


Hey, fans of science fiction movies out there!!!

Here is great news for all those who want to have a great time watching quality sci-fi movies. Snowpiercer 2 is going to get premiered soon after the blockbuster success of Snowpiercer 1. 

It is based on the famous French Novel, “Le Transperceniege” of 1982, and having a shadow of season 1.

Premiere date of Snowpiercer 2

The trailer has been released and seems like it is a revolution in the world of science fiction movies. The movie was about to get released in May 2020 but because of the pandemic, it got delayed. 

The room trailer, it is obvious that the movie is going to get scheduled for 25 January 2021 on TNT, a basic American television channel exclusively. Just like season 1, this season will also have 10 episodes. The season 2 is seeming more appealing than its former season due to its unique concept of climatic change.

The trailer is looking so much exciting and it will be much fun to see the character of Sean Beam who appeared to be dead during the first season.


Cast and crew of the movie

It will be directed by “Bess Francis” played by Mickey Sumner, “Ruth Wardell” played by Alison Wright, “Bennett Knox” played by Iddo Goldberg, “Jinju Seong” played by Susan Park. 

The expected plot of the movie

The story of season 1 revolves around a failed experiment of climatic change which adversely affected the climate balance in the economy and is slowly-slowly killing all human beings and to save the rest, they boarded the Snowpiercer which moves around the world and protecting the people from climatic trauma.

In the climax, we have seen that Snowpiercer was passing through Chicago and are stopped by a supply train known as Big Alice.

The plot of Season 2 has not been revealed but the story will begin from where the first season ended. And it is also known from the sources that Sean Bean will play the role of Mr. Wilford who was dead in the first season.

The story and trailer are sounding so much interesting that the fans of Snowpiercer season 1 can’t wait for season 2 to get released.


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