Soap2day: Why Google decided to ban the streaming platform?

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Every movie and TV show lovers must be familiar with Soap2day, a streaming platform originated in 2018, which allows users to download entertainment stuff for absolutely free of cost. 

But here is the bad news. Want to know what!

What happened to Soap2day?

Actually, recently the streaming and downloading platform has been banned by Google, must be because it was harming Google policies and regulations. 

And moreover, if anyone tried to access the illegal site, it was considered a punishable act and is a cybercrime according to the National Cyber Security Online Center. 

What if we tried to download movies from Soap2day?

If you are in the plan to open the site and try to download the stuff out of that platform, then one thing to be kept in mind is that you can be heavily fined. How much? Of all around $100k. You can even get into jail too. 

Use Soap2day on your own risk then. 

Is Soap2day site still working?

Yes! Soap2day is fully functioning despite a lot of warnings by the google. It has provided some links to the website which will take you to another site having the same services. 


The link can create virus and bug in your mobile phone or laptop from which you are operating. 

Still movie and series addict who loves to download and watch movies for free still uses the pirated sites and try to download the movies and shows. And get their system filled with bug. 

Here are few reactions of fans after getting Soap2day banned:

  • @honkkenma twitted and demanded to have another platform where he can watch tv shows just free of cost.
  • @cryybabyybitch twitted and gave the remorseful reaction about how she will be going to watch season 3 of my mad fat dairy. 

What is the solution to the problem?

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There is nothing one can get by keeping their laptop or mobile phones on risk in the greed of getting movies and series for free. Here are some authentic sites from where you all can get either free of cost or by spending a little penny:

  • YouTube- free
  • Netflix- Rs 500/month 
  • amazon prime- Rs 129/month
  • voot- Rs 99/ month
  • Hotstar- Rs 299/month

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