Solo: A Star Wars story – Explained

Solo: A Star Wars story – Explained
Solo: A Star Wars story – Explained

Debates over movies have always been very catchy and interesting. Any kind of gossips revolving around TV shows has been successfully keeping the viewers engaged over the years.

Gossips about the characters, the inner stories, the team, and anything else would just be the talk of the town for next some time after its initiation. Is it not so?

I know, most of you would nod your head in unison, And When the gossip is about a Star War Story, there are no ways to get over it. So, guys, today updates are about the box office failure claims of the movie ‘Solo’.

The Gossip

Actor Alden Ehrenreich in an interview stated that Solo: A star war story was not a very big disappointment. He also expressed that he had a great experience shooting for the film and even though it did not fair well as the other star war movies, it was also not so newsworthy. He also mentions that things are really complicated and there are both good and bad sides to it.  

Trials over triumphs

A Ron Howard direction and Lucasfilm production, distributed by Walt Disney Motion pictures, this movie was the second one in the Star War series following Rogue One. Aired in 2018, this movie was based on the story of Han Solo.

It successfully managed to earn positive critics reviews over its screenplay and musical score but was the first Star War movie to be the lowest-grossing live-action film, which gave it the title of a ‘Box-office Bomb’.

However, one school of critics says that there may be various other reasons for this mishap. It may be because of low promotions, wrong premiere timing, and others.

And actors do really give a bang on such dangerous claims on the movie. They say it was just that a had to put in a little more thought.

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