Some Attractive and Worth Watching Shows – A New Holmes, Masked Singer, A New Voice, and Agents of Chaos!


Welcome Back Dear Readers! A lot of shows come and go but there are some who leave their print! Today, we’ll share news about four shows which are worth watching and make your quarantine life amazing and delightful. 

So, dig out all stuff about the worthy shows!

First of all, we’ll grab information about the popular American mysterious show named Enola Holmes. The film centers on the teenage sister of a well-known popular Sherlock Holmes. 

This show is directed by Harry Braddbeer and scripted by Jack Thorne. This show was earlier released in April 2020, but due to the hardcore scenario the release date shifted and now it will be on our screens on 23 September 2020 on the streaming platform Netflix.                                                                                                                            

The lead role of Enola Holmes is played by Millie Bobby Brown and according to Rotten Tomatoes, the film has an approval rating of 92% and an average rating of 7.08/10. So, just go watch out this Sherlock movie!

Secondly, we’ll talk about another popular American reality show The Masked Singer. This show is a very unique kind of singing reality competition in which each singer must mask his or her face and sign a disclosure agreement which states that they will not reveal their identity at all till elimination.

Its first three seasons were released and now it’s time for season 4 which is going to premiere on 23 September 2020 on Fox. So, let’s see who will reveal his/her identity and who will win the competition.

Thirdly, a famous South Korean series named I Can see Your voice, which is a mystery music game show created by Lee Seon-young and broadcasted on Mnet. Seven seasons were released till now and the first three seasons were hosted by Kim Bum-soo and the rest four seasons were hosted by Kim Jong-Kook.

Its last season was released this year on 3 April 2020, so go and watch out the Korean musical shows!

At last, an unfortunately still-timely two-part documentary named Agents of Chaos. This show is directed by Alex Gibney and connects the story to the 2016 elections. This show is still under progress and the exact release date is packed.

So, whenever the fixed release date is announced, we’ll inform you first!

Comment your precious reviews to us and stay connected to know more about the upcoming worthy shows!


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