Some great news for the fams of Indiana Jones!!

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The Indiana Jones film series is an epic adventure and action movie. It started back in the 70s, it can be easily found in a fan’s collection. Some people jokingly say that it belongs to the museum because it is a legendary series. 

There are endless ways to stream this movie from VHS tapes from Amazon Prime Video, all four parts of the movie are available. 

What’s the great news?

Disney and Lucasfilms are focusing on bringing the Indiana Jones 5 which can keep the audience of both the generations entertained, but they need to wait for part 5 to come. Companies associated with the movie and are serious about bringing part five of the movie series. But it is not just this, the Lucasfilms Games are also working to bring out the Indiana Jones video game in combination with Bethesda Zenimax. And not to forget, Paramount is also coming in to help to bring a 4K-version of the Indiana Jones series.

Back in 2012, Paramount Home Entertainment transferred Indiana Jones to Blu-ray but not all the movies. The Blu-ray versions are outdated considering the usage of 4K TVs in every household.

In a press release, Paramount revealed that for the first time all the Indiana Jones movies will be converted to 4K Ultra HD quality. It is also said that each movie is converted into 4K from its original negatives.

The Indiana Jones collection is going to be fully packed and even extra considering its value. It is going to include free digital copies of the movies, a book that will contain all the behind-the-scenes pictures and a 7-hour long Blu-ray which is a story about how the film was created. This is surely going to be a valuable treasure for the fans. 

Where to binge on Indiana Jones?

Courtesy: Looper

It is not there on the streaming giants Netflix and Disney+, so to complete your Indiana Jones movie marathon, you need a Paramount+ subscription or an Amazon Prime Video subscription. With the subscription, you can see all four parts on one platform according to your convenience.

Other than these there are options of old or new Blu-rays, DVDs, or VHS copies which are much cheaper, but it won’t let you enjoy all the benefits of a subscription. 

It’s an old movie with an interesting back story as well. It contains the stories of war and revolution; therefore, it is full of action and adventure.

Stay tuned with us and enjoy reading.


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