Often known as Texas Twiggy, Shelley Duvall was one of the most sought-after actors of the 1970s. Among Duvall’s credits are Stanley Kubrick and Robert Altman, who viewed Shelley as a model. She has appeared in some of the best films of the 20th century, and her resume speaks for itself. Duvall’s star may have waned over the years, but her performances and films continue to shine brightly to this very day! According to IMDb, Shelley Duvall’s best films are timeless classics that fans of all ages may enjoy.


The Shining, Stanley Kubrick’s horror classic, is frequently regarded as the best horror film of the 1980s. Overlook Hotel is the winter home of a family whose father is corrupted by evil powers and becomes violent while his young son witnesses psychic phenomena. IMDb rates this picture as Duvall’s highest-rated film.

While dealing with her husband’s oncoming insanity, Duvall struggles to safeguard her little boy, all the while being wary of the evil forces around her. Intensely frightening, it continues to frighten new audiences. Since the picture was filmed before CGI, all of its special effects are real.


Shelley Duvall plays a brief cameo in the romantic comedy classic as one of the protagonist’s dates after separating Annie Hall. A Rolling Stone reporter obsessed with Bob Dylan and Mick Jagger, Duvall portrays him in the film.

He understands that he wants to get back together with Annie after a terrible date with Duvall’s character. There are numerous notable lines in the movie Annie Hall, like “there’s a spider in the bathroom the size of a Buick.” Additionally, it is praised for its realistic and three-dimensional characterisation.


Identity and individuality are explored in 3 Women through the strange and shape-shifting differences that three women encounter. Shelley Duvall’s Mildred, played by Sissy Spacek, is a social butterfly who hosts dinner parties for the residents of her modest California apartment complex.

A mute female painter joins the two women to form the three women of the title. Robert Altman’s avant-garde approach to filming in 3 Women, often considered one of his best films, stretched the boundaries of storey structure in cinema.


One of the greatest films of the 20th century, Nashville, is about the unexpectedly intertwining lives of a variety of Nashville residents, culminating in a heart-stopping conclusion at the Nashville Parthenon. Duvall portrays Martha or Los Angeles in the film. The country music groupie that Joan refers to herself as. Martha is supposed to visit her ailing aunt in Nashville.

No time is spent with her family; instead, she spends it with male musicians in the city, which she finds more interesting. Altman manages to make each character stand out despite the tremendous rivalry each actor has for screen time in the expansive cast, which includes Jeff Goldblum in one of his best movies, Keith Carradine, Lily Tomlin, and Geraldine Chaplin.



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