Some of the Strongest Anime Characters of All Time

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From comedy to romance to action to horror, anime is the kind of movie which has won the heart of almost every kid to adult. And the reason behind is the anime characters from Ninjas to demons to aliens and mutants. 

The list of anime characters is so big that you will prefer counting stars. But we have collected few of them and jotted in points. List is from the most to least powerful and witty characters.


The colourful, round shaped anime character is most powerful. Also known as Omni-King, he is always accompanied with Future Zeno, his counterpart. He looked innocent but he was the one who destroyed six out of ten universes. 


Cat who is known as “God of Destruction” in Universe 7. A lazy yet powerful antagonist who turns into protagonist later on. His work was to maintain balance in the universe along with one of the Saiyans, Goku.


The character who is loved from the very beginning of “Dragon Ball”. The strength of Goku is unmatchable. He has the ultra-instinct power which impressed Jiren. He was the one who won the power span tournament out of 48 contestants.


You must have seen him in “One- Punch Man”. According to him, to be powerful, you just have to follow a regime of 100 push ups daily, squats, sit-ups and a run-round of almost 10 kilometres. The origin of Saitama is still a mystery.


The main lead of “Serial Experiments Lain”, and her actions when she came to know that she is goddess of the Wired. A world which diminishes line between virtual and reality. Lain is known to manipulate and delete the memory of any individual. She plays with mind not fist.


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Our Superhero anime character from “My Hero Academia”, aka Toshinori Yagi, is the eighth successor of incredible powers of quirk. His one punch generates the pressure of wind and destroys the city.

He is also known as “Symbol of Peace”, as he stops criminals from making move.


Main lead of 1988 anime, “Akira”. He has very deep telekinetic powers. From flying to walk on water, he can do anything. He can bend light and levitate objects too. 

These are some of the anime characters who are loved by the fans all time. To get more, stay tuned.


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