Some scenes from Game of Thrones made cast members throw up!!


Though the last few episodes of the show were nothing but disappointing, Game of Thrones has never let down the expectations of its fans. It is known for its great character development, a layered and rich plot, and vivid cinematography. Sometimes, the “aesthetics” of the show was given too much importance, that it made many of its cast members revolts!

The pilot scene that made the crew vomit

During the shoot of the pilot, there is this scene where the Starks walk past a rotting stag on their way back from watching Eddard execute someone. If you’ve watched the series, you would know the importance of the stag. 

One could have easily added the gore details of the rot through CGI, but the GoT team decided to go a step ahead and bring in a real dead stag which was already rotten. They even pulled the guts out of that poor thing to make the visual more realistic. It certainly wasn’t a pleasant sight to watch but it was not the worst aftermath though. The most horrendous thing was the stench.

“I’ve never smelled anything so terrible, and I wasn’t even anywhere near it,” producer Bryan Cogman recalled. “I was across the meadow in a producer’s tent. Just thinking about it, I can smell it right now.” It is a good thing that the cast decided not to leave the show after such a traumatic experience!

You can watch the trailer of the show here- 

(you might even catch a glimpse of the stag!)

The future of the franchise

Though the last six episodes were a disaster, fans still wanted more from the show. So they have announced that a second spin-off series, “The House of the Dragon” focusing on the history of the Targaryen family, will premiere by 2022. The casting for the show is already over.

All eight seasons are available to stream on HBO Max, and the 4K UHD collection will be released on November 3, 2020.

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